Mission Trips

Join us for a Mission Trip to visit the children.  You will be blessed beyond measure!

Mission Trip 2016

Our Mission Trips dates for 2018 are planned!  Valerie will be leading a team on the following dates:

1)  June 5th-11th

2)  June 11th-17th

3)  June 20th-26th

3)  Dec 3rd- 9th

If you are interested in traveling with Valerie on one of the trips she leads, please email her at - valerieedwards@suddenlink.net and she will get you the info.  All June 2018 deposits will be due Jan 15th and all Facebook groups for these trips have already been opened.  

* FTLOM has two team leaders, Mel Bartels and Helena DeBruyn who are also leading teams through For the Love of Mateo in July and August.  Their teams are filling up now as well.  If you are interested in traveling on one of their weeks please message Valerie and she will find out if there is any availability on any of their weeks.