The Bunkbed Project

The Bunk bed Project. 

Donate a bed for our team to deliver!  Your $208 will include the bunk bed, two pillows and the 2 comforters.  If you want to provide sheets for the bunk beds you can bring those with you on the mission trip OR you can donate an additional $20 and we can buy sheets for the bunk bed in Guatemala and deliver for you on your behalf.

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Throughout the years of delivering beds, we have experienced many homes that have indoor kitchens with open fires.  Imagine being at a fire in an enclosed room.  We have witnessed children, even babies, breathing extremely heavy smoke.  This same smoke caused us to be forced outdoors for fresh air.  The indoor smoke is causing an epidemic of respiratory issues in young and old alike.  As well, dirty water is bringing parasites and amoebas to countless people in the villages we serve. Please help us bring clean air and clean water into the homes of impoverished families in Guatemala.  For only $60 you can provide a water filter to a family in Guatemala so they can have clean water.  For only $190 you can provide a safe and efficient stove for a family in Guatemala.