Ninos Con Benediction

The mission of Ninos con Benedicion is to help provide an education for children in Guatemala who might not have the opportunity without the program, while at the same time, promoting the culture of the Maya through dance and music.  

About "Niños con Bendición":
"Children with Blessing" was created in 2006 by Lesbi Chavez and her husband Juventino so children from impoverished families in San Antonio Aguas Calientes could receive a quality education, after school support, and strengthen their cultural and family ties. 

Children in the program learn Mayan and Guatemalan folk dance for public performances, take music lessons, study together, share meals and experiences. This unique cultural and educational program empowers children to appreciate and transform their lives.

Support for the group comes from yearly school sponsorships, calendar sales, entrance fees from dance performances, and other fund raising endeavors. 100% of all donations and profits from the sale of goods goes directly into the children's general fund. 

Lesbi and Tino created this group out of their deep spiritual belief, coming, as they say, as a dream from God. Their dedication to the children is infectious, and many people from a diverse set of backgrounds now volunteer their time.