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Hogar de Ancianos Cabecitas (nursing home)

The nursing home Cabecitas de Algodón (Cotton Heads) was born on December 16, 2002
thanks to the initiative of Dr. Juan De Dios Aceituno Veliz.

Cabecitas de Algodón is legally constituted as a partnership, formed by a directive. The vision is to build a home not a nursing home. Fewer people, but with more quality of life.


Currently the home can accommodate close to twenty-five elderly people who have arrived from various hospitals and the streets because they were abandoned by their families. Most of them are terminally ill and are extremely poor.

The home does not charge any fees to elders and it carries out its mission solely thanks to the generous support of kind donors.

All funds collected go towards supplying personal care items requested by the nursing home such, as adult diapers, along with monthly utility costs.


We Need Your Support Today!

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