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Give a Hand Up Community Outreach

For the Love of Mateo provides opportunities for donors to help support local organizations, families, underprivileged children/youth, nursing homes, homeless shelters, domestic abuse shelters, & so much more...

Growing up in a family with six children, Valerie Edwards; For the Love of Mateo's founder, knew growing up that her family was blessed by many 'angels' who have their family a 'Hand Up' which helped them get through some of their families tough financial seasons.  Once Valerie started For the Love of Mateo, she knew that she wanted to eventually have an outreach through FTLOM that would allow her to pay that kindness forward by being able to help families in various local communities that were also in need of a hand-up themselves. 


Although For the Love of Mateo has supporters from all over the globe; many of FTLOM's donors are from the United States.  For the Love of Mateo is happy to say that we have officially provided an opportunity for our donors to donate to For the Love of Mateo directly to our GIVE A HAND UP COMMUNITY OUTREACH.  The donations made to this outreach will be used to give back to local communities;  specifically to those that are in need of a 'Hand Up'.


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Just a Few Examples of How "FTLOM"  Gives a Hand Up Within Communities:

~For the Love of Mateo has purchased groceries, school supplies, school uniforms & school clothes for underprivileged families throughout local communities.  They have also purchased Christmas gifts &/or gift cards for families that could not have otherwise afforded to be able to provide this for their kids on their own.

~For years, For the Love of Mateo has been supporting local nursing homes by putting together care packages for the nursing home residents, as well as gifting the nursing home staff a little something as a way to show them gratitude for all they do on a daily basis.


~For the Love of Mateo has also provided clothing for single mothers to be able to wear when they go on job interviews, as well as purchase new clothing for women living in domestic abuse shelters and who are in need of a fresh start.

~ Over the years, For the Love of Mateo has also provided financial support & grocery deliveries to children and families affected by cancer.

~ For the Love of Mateo has provided donations of supplies needed to homeless organizations, as well as served food & handout out supplies to homeless locally. 


****If you are would like to participate in giving someone a 'Hand Up'; you can donate towards this particular Mission of Love .  You can make a donation directly on this website and under this ' Give a Hand Up Community Outreach' tab which will then be used to go towards causes like what has been mentioned above in various local communities throughout the United States. 

If you have someone that you feel needs 'A Hand Up',  please feel free to reach out to For the Love of Mateo with a request & some background information to - Valerie Edwards at . Your your request will then be reviewed by our board. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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