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Hogar Madre Anna Vitiello

Hogar Madre Anna Vitiello is a nonprofit institution run by the Sisters of the
Small Congregation of Redemption Apostles founded in 1948 with a mission of protecting orphaned children affected by HIV.  All sponsorships collected through FTLOM to support this Hogar are use to purchase monthly necessities requested by the home on a monthly.

This home was established in November 2005 with the mission of protecting orphaned children who are affected and living with HIV. 

Its vital work provides safe housing, a nutritious diet, clothing, medicine, education, recreation, and moral and spiritual warmth.

Hogar Madre Anna Vitiello, located in Sumpango, was founded by Mother Anna Vitiello and Father Arturo. Sisters currently are caring for fifty children between five months and thirteen years of age.  Through the support of FTLOM directly to this mission, these wonderful children are afforded a decent life for the future to reach their potential of growing into wonderful and productive adults in society.

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