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El Amor de Patricia

El Amor de Patricia is a home for abandoned, abused and neglected children where they supported with love, appreciation and encouragement in order that they could develop and reach their full potential in a family and faith-based setting.

All sponsorships collected cover a monthly donation to pay for diapers, a sponsorship for a specific child at El Amor, and help support the basic day to day operations at El Amor.

This very special project is dedicated to providing stability, resources, healthy nutrition, good education, medical and dental care, and a faith-based environment to help integrate children into their Guatemalan culture.


The children at El Amor de Patricia will have a home, not just a shelter, for as long as they need one. Most importantly, the children are in a safe, stable environment cared for by compassionate and loving nannies who celebrate each child's individuality, talents and development. This method of care allows each child the opportunity to learn to bond with their care givers and the other children while living together as a loving and caring family.

Our children are provided with real life experiences, for example they go to the movies, attend the circus, take dance classes, play soccer. They also go to private schools and participate in therapy. This is real life for these precious kids. Just like you and me.

After you've purchased this sponsorship, to be added to the FTLOM Sponsorship List and be assigned a child, please send an email to Val Edwards at and mention that you've purchased this sponsorship.

We Need Your Support Today!

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