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Laura's Trust in God's Plan

The loving family and friends of Laura Park have established a foundation in her honor as a way to continue her legacy. Laura was always finding ways to show love to others and live out her Trust in God's Plan.

Whether it was; having cookies delivered to the nurses who cared for her, or her and her bestie deciding to send one of the cleaning ladies at the hospital on a trip to Hawaii, or going on mission trips in support of For The Love of Mateo, or getting to know the waiter at the airport restaurant on a personal level, or helping families during the holidays to make sure that those who were less fortunate had gifts for their children, or just being attentive to people who needed someone to listen to them; Laura followed her heart and did whatever she could do to help others. She always led with her heart.


It is our mission for this foundation to be as Laura would want us to be - “good people” and especially good to others. Please help us carry on Laura's legacy of loving,giving and serving others.  Thank you so much for your support! God bless you and your family!

****An advisory board for this foundation will consist of Laura's husband Jason Park, her four children; Taylor, Kyndal, Brooke, & Jace, along with her best friend & President/Founder of For the Love of Mateo, Valerie Edwards.


Together, they will find ways to honor Laura & the love she had to serving others in need. For the Love of Mateo will use this website page & For the Love of Mateo's main Facebook page to share updates on the blessings that this foundation will be able to make possible. Please be sure to follow For the Love of Mateo's pages on both Instagram & Facebook****


We Need Your Support Today!

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