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DBO Ministries

DBO Ministries is a Christ-centered ministry that seeks through its actions to transform and empower the lives of those most in need and rejected by conventional society.


All DBO sponsorships though FTLOM are used to cover a weekly breakfast which is provided by DBO to the Shoe Shine Boys, as well as a warm meal for the homeless in Antigua, Guatemala.

DBO Ministries was founded in May 2014 and, in the beginning, began working  in the Departments of Chimaltenango and Sacatapequez. During the first couple of years, our vision was put to the test through many challenges which were overcome with the help of God. In 2016, Association DBO Ministries  became legally recognized and is dedicated to to work in the streets and areas of risk.  Everything it does is based off of Matthew 25:36-40.


DBO Ministries is made up of a team of directors who coordinate the activities carried out by the leader of each area of ministry and each ministry has approximately 15-20 volunteers who are trained to provide comprehensive services where they operate.

Its vision is to achieve integral and spiritual development in people in Guatemelan society with different living conditions, difficulties, physical, spiritual and emotional needs.


Your generous gift provides breakfast each Sunday for one month for the shoeshine boys/men which is delivered by DBO ministries on behalf of the donor and FTLOM.



Your generous gift provides funding for one meal delivered and served by DBO ministries on your behalf and FTLOM. 


(available as a one-time or recurring option)

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