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February 2021 Update

Despite the chaos of 2021, FTLOM has kept contributing to our mission of love. We are doing our best to overcome barriers caused by the pandemic, and we remain in close contact with our employees in Guatemala.

Unfortunately, we've had to cancel our summer mission trips in order to prioritize the safety of all our volunteers, members, and employees. The December 2021 mission trip will remain open until closer to that date, where we will make sure to evaluate conditions and weigh our options in relation to the conditions of the pandemic at the moment.

Nonetheless, I'm grateful for our ability to continue operations in Guatemala with collaborating organizations and communities. Throughout the past few months, donations have continued being distributed across rural communities, such as our beloved Yalu village, and our team leaders have planned a trip from March 14th to the 21st. While we can't take a whole team to Guatemala to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines, Liz and I are going to connect with some of our projects and pick up items we are purchasing from our vendors to be able to resell for future fundraisers. We will also be delivering at home on behalf of my best friend, Laura, as her family has donated funds to pay. We'll be visiting Yalu to see two classrooms that FTLOM and its' TJ Braden Legacy Fund funded. Lastly, we'll be giving two water tanks to the Niños community garden paid for by Laura's family.

I want to thank everyone who has donated, spread the word of our message, or who simply follow the journey of this organization. None of this would be happening without the help of our members, employees, and supporters; with all my heart, THANK YOU.

FTLOM will continue to pursue our outreach projects and fulfill our missions throughout these obstacles.

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