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March/April 2021 Update

Hello everyone! FTLOM family is wishing every a Happy belated Easter, and we’d like to celebrate a few of our recent successes with you.


After 15 months of being unable to travel, Valerie and Liz were able to visit some of the outreach projects we work with in Guatemala and see what is needed by these organizations. They had the chance to visit Niños Con Bendición, the Hogar Madre Anna Vitiello, the homes that are sponsored through the grocery sponsorship program, and several more. After posting about these, many of you saw it in your hearts to donate and contribute to their needs and we are so incredibly thankful for your efforts. We are planning to travel back to Guatemala in December with a full team and look forward to serving these organizations with more of you!


Grocery sponsorships for families including elderly people, new moms, special needs adults, and children living in remote villages are currently needed. Valerie and Elizabeth were able to deliver these groceries last month, and they spoke of their experiences delivering the groceries in their video that they shared on Facebook. These sponsorships help now more than ever because the pandemic has limited families' abilities to work or go to grocery markets.


Niños con Bendición is an after-school program that gives kids in the community a safe place to complete their schoolwork and a place to strengthen their cultural and family ties. Due to the pandemic, the kids are completing their school work virtually, however, the program only had two computers the kids could work on. There are 35 kids currently involved in the program but only two kids could complete their schoolwork at a time. They asked For the Love of Mateo for help with funding more computers and after telling you their need, you all provided the funds to provide six computers and a printer for Niños con Bendición and four laptops to Hogar Madre Anna Vitiello. In addition to this, we were able to donate money to the new English Immersion School to purchase a new table, chairs, two storage cabinets, and a corkboard for two classrooms.

As always, we're grateful for your support and couldn't do any of this without you.

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