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One of FTLOM's San Antonio Families Receiving Their Monthly Groceries


Each month FTLOM delivers groceries to families in need from villages throughout Guatemala that we serve in. Currently we have 6 families that are sponsored in a village called Yalu and 2 families in San Antonio that receive a monthly delivery via sponsorship's by our AMAZING FTLOM sponsors!

If you are interested in learning more about how you can sponsor a family that could really benefit from this kind of monthly support, check out the link on our website: to learn more and set up a sponsorship today! Each month you will receive monthly photos of your sponsored family receiving their groceries. The groceries in Yalu are delivered by the staff of The Bunk Bed Project and the San Antonio groceries are delivered by FTLOM's in country assistant , Claudia Flores.

Our grocery sponsorship is just one of the outreach projects that FTLOM has started to help serve children, families, and communities throughout Guatemala. We also support the garden project that was started by Ninos Con Bendicion which has been able to grow veggies to give to hospitals, families in their program, the sick and the elderly in their community. Currently FTLOM is working to raise funds to cover the expense of the seeds needed for the garden to continue to produce more veggies as well as funds to cover the two salaries for the gardeners that work all day in the garden. Currently FTLOM has been paying for these two salaries via a monthly donation they make to Ninos Con Bendicion. If you would like to get involved in supporting this project, you can check out this link on our website: . Any funds we collect for this project will be used to buy seeds for the garden or to go towards the monthly donation towards the gardeners salaries.

Thank you all for your continued support! We could not possibly do what we do without all of you!



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